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Different Ways To Make Money From Your Website
Different Ways To Make Money From Your Website

Different Ways To Make Money From Your Website

Different Ways To Make Money From Your Website There are many ways to monetize your website. Once your blog begins to get huge traffics and visitors, you are set to make money with your site. For your website to get millions of traffic, you need to have these below: 1. Top level domain with a nice domain name relating to your niche. Must Read: Top 20 Domain And Web Hosting Companies For Bloggers 2. Good web hosting 3. Good theme and design 4. Unique articles and pages

How To Earn From Your Website

As I wrote earlier, we have so many ways to earn from your blog. They are: 1. Advertisement 2. Affiliate Marketing 3. Guest Blogging 4. Backlinking 5. Free lancer 6. Online tutorials


We have so many advertising companies like AdSense, Propeller, Popad, Pushad, Buyandsell,, and many more. Also Read: How To Make Money With Google AdSense What these companies does is to advertise products and articles in form of videos and banners from their customers in your website and they pay you. Recommended and trusted advertising companies for you are Google AdSense and To Sign up for AdSense, visit , but before you sign up , you must read the terms and conditions. Also Read: Best Blogging Platform To Start With


Here, companies like Amazon pays you when someone buys their products through your blog. In other words you are now serving as the middle man. We have so many affiliate companies like Amazon, Jumia, jiji, Godaddy, fiverr, namecheap and so on. Read: Benefits Of Screen Touch Technology Also Read: Digital Marketing Tips For Small Business The good news is that most companies now engage in to Affiliate programs. Recommended and trusted Affiliate companies are Amazon, Jumia.


Also Read: Free Guest Posting Website For Bloggers Here, some bloggers pays you to write articles for them or post their articles in your websites. Some companies are Nairaland , Quora, Vanguard news, Feedspot, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. Read: Important Of SEO On Your Website


Backlinking is the act of converting huge traffics from big websites to your website through external linking. Bloggers pays you to give them your website links or put their links in your website.


Here, you are paid to write articles in some of the biggest website companies like Teachable , Elementor, Booktree, and so on.


Some bliggers earns lots of money providing online lessons for people which at the end of the year, provide online certificate. And these are some education websites with universities like, Unicaf. Must Read: 10 Ways Screen Recorders Can Make Your Business Growth


Some bloggers makes a lots of money selling goods and services in their websites. Some websites like Jumia, jiji, Amazon, Alibaba, Shoptodoor etc. Some domain and web hosting companies like Godaddy, Namecheap, Domainking, Whogohost, WehostAfrica, Bluehost etc Learn More: How To Start And Set Up A Website To Start Ecommerce Business, you have to install plugin like Woocommerce in your WordPress.

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  1. Affiliate marketing is the best and probably the most difficult one, but if you can get it right there is none better. I have used both affiliate marketing and advertisement on my website but the money you can make from affiliates is far more then advertising.

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