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The best Blogging Platform for Bloggers
Blogger or The best Blogging Platform

The best Blogging Platforms For Bloggers

Blogger or WordPress, which one is the bestThe best Blogging Platforms For Bloggers

What is Blogging?
Blogging is the process of making money through website either paid or free website.
It is quiet unfortunate that not every bloggers makes money from their website.

Most people enter blogging for money while few are into blogging for passion.

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Type of Blogging Platforms
We have so many blogging platforms like blogger, WordPress, wix, etc, but am going to focus on two popular platforms
This website is owned and manage by Google.
In this platform, Google provides everything you need to have like free domain name, website hosting, theme, SEO , console etc, except you want to purchase only top level domain but web hosting is done by Google.
You can also monetize blogspot at free cost.

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Blogger also known as blogspot is one of the product of Google but has some limit in customization, coding, hosting, seo etc.

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WordPress is not owned by anyone. A group of people developed WordPress.
We have two types of WordPress, they are

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Here WordPress provides free domain like blogger and also sells domain and hosting in case if you want to migrate to premium plan. But limited to Seo and customization

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Here you own and manage your website by purchasing web hosting from Bluehost or Namecheap, then install WordPress on it through your PC or laptop. You can customize your website to your taste without limitation, do Seo and design with good coding

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