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Best Cameras For YouTube Every Video Blogger Should Try
Best Cameras For YouTube Every Video Blogger Should Try

Best Cameras For YouTube Every Video Blogger Should Try

Best cameras for YouTube every video blogger should try

If you are a successful video blogger, then you already have high-quality equipment for shooting videos designed for YouTube – the most popular network platform for vlogs. But if you only plan to gain universal recognition, you will have to choose from the sea of ​​offers the most suitable and at the same time not the most expensive camera. For this today we are here with a recommendation of the best cameras for YouTube.

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Best cameras for YouTube | Right Criteria
Choosing the right equipment is not an easy task in any business, especially if you are a beginner and do not have a good idea of ​​the process itself and the requirements for it. Moreover, as soon as you find the option that is optimal in all respects, some kind of model is immediately discovered that surpasses everything that you saw before. But if you know the key camera requirements for YouTube, the choice is greatly simplified and takes much less time. So, let’s figure it out in them.
First of all, you need to decide what exactly you will shoot. Of course, there are no special cameras for filming the unpacking of gadgets or walking around interesting places. However, if you understand the tasks, choosing the right model is much easier. For example, if you plan to shoot only indoors, then you will have enough budget “SLR”. But if you intend to shoot primarily in the open air and in exotic places, then perhaps you should take a closer look at action cameras. However, compact cameras are suitable for such scenes in most cases, but it should be borne in mind that cheap models often have problems with exposure and “overexposure” of the frame.
In stores you can find at least four categories of cameras: SLR, mirrorless system cameras, automatic compacts, as well as sports and action cameras. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages. DSLR cameras are especially good for high-quality photography, but they are also good for video blogging. With such cameras, you can change the lenses, choose from the widest possible range of photosensitivity and change the depth of field. They also have the highest quality shooting in low light. But at the same time, they are the most expensive, overall and heavy. Finally, it can take quite a while to master a SLR camera.
Mirrorless system cameras are significantly lighter, which means they are better suited for outdoor shooting. At the same time, they can also change lenses and they provide high-quality shooting.
Automatic compacts are suitable for those who do not want to spend time studying the settings, but intend to immediately begin shooting. These are lightweight and compact cameras, but they do not have such a wide range of functions as those of mirror and mirrorless models, and also not such high-quality shooting.
Sports and action cameras are designed for shooting in extreme conditions. Usually they can be mounted on the head or body to take pictures behind the wheel of a bicycle or under water. They are compact and easy to carry. However, most action cameras, especially cheap ones, cannot boast of high-quality shooting, and good options are not cheaper than the affordable SLR.
Success depends not only on the content, but also on the technical quality of the video. And if a well-known popular video blogger can sometimes afford to shoot a particularly relevant video on a smartphone and even without editing, then for a beginner this is the best way to end a career without starting it.
The best cameras are distinguished by matrices of the largest physical size at high resolution. HD resolution (720p) is currently not enough to consider high-quality video. Such cameras can be used as a budget option, but they do not fit the role of the main working tool.
The most popular resolution today is Full HD (1080p). Cameras with its support are the golden mean: they will not ruin you too much, but they will give quite decent quality of shooting, so if you need an inexpensive camera for YouTube, then this is the right option.
4K cameras (4096 x 3072) will be the best video blogging solution. Yes, they are quite expensive, but the quality of the resulting video will impress not only you, but also your viewers.
As for the frame rate, many rightly believe that the higher it is, the higher the quality. Unfortunately, this rule does not work with YouTube. A frame rate of 60 frames per second is good for shooting dynamic events like motorcycle races or descents along a mountain river, but it is redundant for a beauty vlog or review of gadgets. The most popular values ​​on YouTube are 24 and 30 frames per second.
Image stabilization is important for shooting video- a trembling picture is unlikely to attract the attention of viewers. In almost all modern cameras, with the exception of the cheapest, such a system is implemented. There are three types of stabilizers: digital, optical and hybrid type. Without going into technical details, we note that the best stabilization options are optical and hybrid, combining hardware and software. The fact is that the main method of digital image stabilization is to increase the level of photosensitivity, due to which the camera can shoot with a lower shutter speed, minimizing jitter. But at the same time, an overestimation of ISO leads to a decrease in picture quality and an increase in the noise level, and if we are faced with the task of obtaining the highest quality image, then this solution does not suit us.
For the camera to be conveniently used, it must have a good display. At the same time, its resolution and size are not of fundamental importance, the main thing is that it can display a picture on a sunny day outdoors, and not all screens are capable of this.
If you take a camera for taking pictures, its sound abilities are not important for you, but if you choose a device for shooting video, sound quality plays one of the main roles: nobody will watch bubbling videos on YouTube. Almost all cameras have a built-in microphone or microphones, and the “DSLRs” have much higher quality than action cameras. Meanwhile, for perfect sound you have to purchase an external microphone, so first you need to make sure that your camera has a connector for it.
If you plan to shoot in any weather or even under water, it is better to choose a camera in a waterproof case or one to which you can purchase a special waterproof case or box.
Finally, since maintaining a video blog on YouTube involves a close connection to the Internet, some prefer cameras with a built-in Wi-Fi module that allows you to immediately upload videos to your channel. However, we would caution beginners from such a practice: until you have “filled your hand,” nothing good will come of it. Only a careful selection of successful fragments, only a neat, precisely verified installation, only hard work with sound – and no rush. Believe me, a lot of crooked garbage rollers will be removed without you.
On the next section we will introduce you to the best cameras for YouTube selected by experts from the many proposals of 2020.

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Canon G7 X camera

I think any of us has had a camera from this company and it must be said that they are of great quality.
This one especially has some characteristics that will delight any photographer and any youtuber.
Each version that they take out of the G7 X improves the previous model and adds new improvements. One of the interesting points of the camera is that it is capable of recording up to 12,800 ISO making the videos look very bright.
Another advantage is that it has a 3 ″ size folding screen that you can move and see while you are recording.
It is a compact 20.1 MP camera that will serve you to take very good pictures and supports full HD video recording with exceptional quality. It has built-in WIFI to control the camera and view photos and videos.
The drawback is that it is a tad expensive, and does not have a microphone input, but I must tell you that the investment is worth it.
If you are not very interested in technical issues and want to go deeper, this is an ideal camera to make great videos.

Sony A5000 camera
I don’t have to talk much about the Sony company, which we all know, and although it may not be the leader in photo cameras, the optics that it incorporates into its cameras are one of the best.
Among its characteristics I can highlight that it is a reflex camera, with 20.1 MP, it has a 3 ″ articulated screen, it incorporates a system to stabilize video recording, it has Full HD, it has built-in WIFI, it has a weight of 210gr, and it has a small 16-50mm lens that can help you in those outdoor photos. It has the advantage that we can use the lenses that Sony has for reflex cameras.
Although it is a magnificent camera, it has two points to think about the purchase, one is that it does not have a microphone input, and the second is that when recording video it gets a little warm, the stabilizer is sometimes quite rough and if you zoom in the motor of optics can be heard on video.
From my point of view if you want a good camera to take photographs and that weighs little, this is your camera, and to make sporadic videos it will come in great, but if you want to do them in a row then I do not recommend it.

Canon EOS 700D
I call this camera the ” Brown Beast “. It is a camera that is known in the United States as the Canon Rebel T3i, and you will see it endlessly at many camera comparisons sites. Many consider it the quintessential camera to be a youtuber or video blogger.
In many internet sites they call it the default camera that everyone needs to buy to start recording videos for the internet.

Why is this camera spoken so well?
Well, for starters it is a reflex camera compatible with all the optics that canon has, and therefore you can configure it to the extreme, and with the different objectives that you can add to it, you increase its functionality.
Also, if you have already had Canon you will see that the entire menu interface will be familiar to you, being a simple reflex camera with which to start without having too much idea, to gradually take full advantage of it.
At first you will get a little lost, but it is very intuitive to take photos and videos with amazing quality. The biggest advantage that you will find as a youtuber is that it allows you to connect an external microphone, something that as I have commented is very important in the world of video.
In YouTube videos having audio quality is crucial since it can mean having a mediocre video to get a wonderful video.
The great disadvantage of this camera is its price, since it is an investment that you will have to think about, or save for a few months to buy it.
I have not told you anything about its characteristics since I believe that it amply fulfills everything you ask for, both in a camera and a video camera, and if you have the money it is a recommended purchase.

SJ4000 sports camera
Although there are many sports cameras on the market (below in the carrousel you will see several), almost all copies of the Go Pro, the SJ4000 is a very good camera that I also own.
I could put the characteristics of this camera but it is not really the most important thing, since these bring everything necessary to make some acceptable video recordings. Almost all record in full HD and according to the version some have WIFI and even record at 4k.
Really the interesting thing about these video cameras is that they are very small and with the right protector they are waterproof. The one I have had a fisheye, I suppose the others do too, and this means that it has a wide angle taking a very large image. When you record you seem to be a little bulging?
In the end, versatility is what plays in favor of these types of cameras, since otherwise they cannot overshadow those we have seen. You can also incorporate it into your sports activity with which you can make very interesting videos, and of course it is much cheaper.

What if my budget is tight?
Then you will have to give up something, so if you are not going to leave home you can record videos with a webcam. The ones from Logitech usually give very good results and you have good HD 720 webcams for less than € 32. You also have a full HD webcam for less than € 50.

Two recommended webcams are:
Logitech HD Webcam C310.
Logitech Full HD Webcam C920.

To record video tutorials, do webinars, video presentations, … a quality webcam is an essential tool, and if you are demanding, the Logitech c910 webcam will enchant you.
With any of these webcams you will be able to carry out a quality video marketing indoors, with an almost professional quality.

Can I use my Smartphone?
If your phone allows you to record videos in Full HD quality, of course!
If you have an iPhone, or a high-end Galaxy-type smartphone, you will no longer need to buy anything else, because these devices will allow you to record fantastic video quality. You will have certain limitations for the device itself but in general you will get videos with a great video quality.

To finish, I leave you some notes that will be useful when recording the video:

Keep lighting in mind. Try to make the sun shine on your face, because if you have poor lighting, or you are against the light, the video will look very bad, and dark videos are not attractive or attract attention.
Prepare your videos before recording it, although it may sound obvious, it is very convenient to have something written of what you are going to do so as not to get lost. A good start is to create a storyboard (take / what, step by step), create a list of points you want to address in your video, or what you want to highlight from an interview. That depends on you.
Keep in mind the audio, the audio is 50% of the video, so it is essential to avoid any unnecessary noise when recording, so if you can turn off mobiles and any device that may cause interference. If you record without a microphone, don’t forget to stay no more than 1 meter away from the person you are recording so that the audio can be heard. And when you edit the video try to filter out the noise as much as you can.

So, that’s all from me today. I hope now you can easily determine which camera is going to be the beast for your job. See you soon!

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