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All You Need To Know About Computer Software
All You Need To Know About Computer Software

All You Need To Know About Computer Software

Purpose of software in a Computer

A computer is a device or a machine that consists of so many electronica parts or components. Computers can do unlimited computational tasks, like high calculations within the seconds and many other tasks. But the question is how the computer works, how we can control our operations on it. So the answer is that the computers need commands to perform all the tasks and operations.

History of Computer software

At an early age, the computers were programmed by simply in the binary 0 and 1. So the Ada Lovelace wrote the first computer program or the computer software in 1842. Ada Lovelace’s programs for Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine in the 19th. By the time the demand of the software is high and the developers for developing this software are in fewer numbers. So the people were motivated to develop more programs and software. And slowly the industries also adopt the software for their operations and controls. And also downsize their company from the employees. The industries get automated gradually.

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Introduction of Computer software

A computer is a dumb machine or a device it doesn’t know what operation to be performed when to perform, and how to perform. So there are so many computer software to tell computers how to operate. Computer softwares are basically consist of a set of guidelines or instructions that tells the computers for work or operations. These software are written in many programming languages like C++, C#, Java, PHP, Python, etc. These software are categorized by their operations and work needs or desires.

Computer software development life cycle

There are the main five stages in every software development life cycle

1) requirement elicitation and specification document
2) software designing
3) software development
4) testing
5) delivery of the software

There are various types of software development models to develop the software some are quick and fast and some are slow because of the strategies using in these models some development models examples are waterfall development model, spiral development model, scrum and XP software development model

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Main Types of Computer Software

There are two main types of computer software:
1. Application Software
2. System software

1)Application software

Applications software is designed for the end-users to perform their specific tasks according to their desire. In which the end-user gives the input then the application software process on it and then gives output to the end-users. The application software is usually design and develop for everyone and easily available in the market to use but some of the organizations, communities, and individuals need the customize application software to accomplish their specific tasks or operations. Some examples of application software are MS word, spreadsheets, or entertainment programs. The stationery is exchanged by the database software almost every type of industry and the company even the education system is also converting on this computer software.

Types of Applications software

1)Multimedia Software:

This software is consists of simple texts, Audio, and images to edit and make something attractive. Multimedia software is used in Business, educations, and entertainment.

2)Database software:

In this modern age, many applications has the database to store data about the application. The database is consists of tables and the relationships between these tables. To store and retrieve data

3)Entertainment software:
These types of application software are used for entertainment. Some examples are video players, audio players, social media apps like Facebook App, Instagram Apps, etc.

4)Simulation software:
These types of software Apps are used for making video games for scientific researches etc.

5)Spreadsheet software:
A spreadsheet is application software in which the data is store in rows and columns and we can apply the math formulas on the stored data for the calculations. You can store usually the contacts or the student’s information or the employee information in the tables of the spreadsheet program. Spreadsheet programs are used in banks, schools, supper stores, offices, etc.

6)Presentation software:
This software uses the slides to present data to the audience. We can put text, images, animations, tables, and graphs to make your presentation more attractive.

Advantages of application software
1. It saves the time of the firm or organization.
2. The results are more accurate.
3. No chance of human error
4. Enhance productivity.
5. Do fast operations and computations.
6. Reliable
7. Efficient
8. Outputs are always according to the input
9. Disadvantages of application software
10. High initial cost.
11. High-level programmers required for development.
12. High-level designers required for the design.
13. Rely on electricity.
14. Development consumes much time.
15. Changes are required according to the culture or environment changes.

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2)System software

It is the type of computer software. The system software many subprograms which are necessary to run the computer hardware or controls the computers general operations so to use the applications software we must first deal with the system software to run the computer hardware system the common example of the system software is the OS operating system of the computer like windows, Linux, Android, etc. These types of software use low-level languages. The main operations or the tasks of the system software are the following:

1:File Management; schedule the resources and allocate the resources and then de-allocate the resources
2:Processer Management; it puts the process in the memory (RAM) for the operation and de-allocate the memory when the process ends.
3: Memory Management; It controls the primary memory allocation to the process.
4:Security; It also controls the security of the system.
5:Scheduling; It schedules the processes by the help of scheduling algorithms.

Advantages of system software
1. The good fit of features for business needs
2. The good fit of features for organizational culture.
3. Personal available for maintenance
4. Large shareware and freeware library
5. Accuracy.
6. Security

Disadvantages of system software
It doesn’t meet the desires of end-users
Developers must have a deep knowledge of low-level languages.
Development is more time-consuming.
More time required for the update
More time required for maintains
Costly if we develop the licensed System software.
Need security.
And take more memory space.

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