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Types And Benefits Of Touch Screen Technology
Types And Benefits Of Touch Screen Technology

Types And Benefits Of Touch Screen Technology

Types And Benefits Of Touch Screen Technology


Touch screen technology is a kind of direct manipulation of indicator-based technology. The direct manipulation is the ability to manipulate the digital world inside a screen. A digital touch screen is an electronic visual display capable of detecting and locating a touch in its display area. This is usually referred to as touching the display of a device with a finger or hand tool. The touch screen is the best touch screen technology. In this digital world, touch technology is very popular. The use of this technology is wide. This popular technology most widely used in smartphones, tablets, computers, and user interactive machines, etc.
Touch screen technology has been around for many years but advanced new touch screen technology is the best and good then another technology and advanced technology has progressed. Today all technologies companies are including this touch screen technology in products. Three famous touch screen technologies are the following
1. Resistive touch screen technology
2. Capacitive touch screen technology
3. SAW touch screen technology
Most low-end touch screen devices consist of standard printed circuit plug-in boards and use the SPI protocol. The digital system has two parts, namely;

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1. Hardware

2. Software

The hardware architecture is a stand-alone embedded system that is used 8-bit microcontrollers, a many type of interfaces, and touch driver circuits. The system software driver is developed using the interactive high programming language.

Touch screen technology
Touch screen technology

Touch screen technology is commonly using in the computer and laptops. Today touch screen laptops, touch screen monitors, and touch screen computers are available. Some best touch screen laptops companies are hp touch screen laptop, dell touch screen laptop, Lenovo touch screen laptop, sony touch screen laptop. The touch screen technology is also used in mobile phones. Touch screen mobile phone technology is a very famous, popular, and widely used technology. Now every mobile company uses touch screen technology.

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Types of touch screen technology
The touch screen technology is a two-dimensional unique sensing device made up of two sheets of unique material separated by spacers. There are main four types of touch screen technologies. Such as Capacitive touch screen technology, Resistive, Surface touch screen technology, Acoustical Wave (SAW) touch screen technology, and Infrared (IR) touch screen technology.
Capacitive Touch Screen Technology
The capacitive touch screen panel is coated with a special material that stores the electronics charges. This system can transmit up to 90% of the light from the monitor. The capacitive system is divided into two categories. Only one side of the insulator is coated with a special conducting layer in the surface-capacitive technology.
Whenever a human finger touches the screen, the transmission of electrical charge takes place over an infinite layer, resulting in the formation of a dynamic capacitor. Then the controller detects the main exact position of touch by the measuring the change in capacity at the four corners at the screen.

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In projected capacitive technology, the conductive layer (indium ton oxide) is made up of a grid of several horizontal and vertical electrodes. It involves sensing with both X and Y axes using a clearly developed ITO pattern. For increasing the accuracy of the system, the projective screen has a sensor for every interaction between rows and columns.

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Resistive Touch Screen Technology
Resistive touch screen technology consists of a flexible top screen made of polythene and has a hard-bottom layer of glass that separates the points connected to the touch screen controller from the insulation. These touch screen panel are the more affordable. Resistive touch screen panels are offering only 70% of the light monitor and the layer can be damaged by the sharp objects. This panel is further divided into 4-,5-,6-,7-,8- wired resistive touch screen. The architectural design of all these modules is the same but there is the main difference in each of its methods to determine the coordinates of the touch.

Infrared Touch Screen Technology
In this technology, an array of X-axis and Y-axis is the connection with the pairs of IR LEDs and the photodetector. A photodetector detects the image in the pattern of the light emitted by the LEDs whenever the user touches the screen.

Surface Acoustic wave Touch Screen Technology
This touch screen technology contains two transducers placed with the X-axis and Y-axis of the monitor’s glass plate that connected with some reflectors. When the user touches the screen then waves are absorbed and a touch detected at that point. So, these reflectors reflect all electrical signals and sent them from one transducer to another transducer. The surface acoustic touch technology provides the excellent throughput quality.

Touch screen technology
Touch screen technology

Components and working of the touch screen
There are three main components of a basic touch screen. Such as touch sensors, controllers, and software drivers. The touch screen connects to a display and a PC to make a touch screen system.

Touch Sensor
The touch sensor is usually electrically powered or the signal passes through it and touching the screen changes the signal. This change is used to determine the touch position of the screen.

A controller will be connected between the touch sensor and Touch System. It will take the information from the touch sensor and translates it for the understanding of touch System. It also determines what type of connection is needed.

Software driver
The software driver allows PC and touch screen to work together. This driver tells the Operating System (OS), how to interact with touch event information that is sent from the touch controller.

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Application and remote control Using the touch screen technology
The touch screen is one of the many easy-to-use Computer interfaces for a large number of applications. It is very helpful and useful to access the information by simply touch the screen. The touch screen device system is very useful in everything from industrial process control to home automation. There are many benefits of touch screen technology. We can easily use it to access the information.
In real-time, just by touching the touch screen and through the graphical interface, everyone can monitor and control complex operations.
At the end of the transmission, using the touch screen control unit, some directions will send the robot to move in a certain direction, such as forward, backward, left, and right. At the end of receiving, four motors were interfaced with the microcontroller. Two of them will be used for the movement of the robot’s arm and grip and the other two are used for the movement of the body.

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