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Computer-Based Technology And Its Engagement With Students
Computer-Based Technology And Its Engagement With Students

Computer Technology And Its Engagement With Students

Computer Technology And Its Engagement With Students

As we launch into Fourth Industrial Revolution, it seems apparent that we will nearly have complete dependence upon digital technology in the near future. The digital technology is expanding dramatically, paving the paths of the new science of learning. Amidst of the mushrooming of this technology, there seems to be a deep concern about its connection with students. Shortly, there might become a complete reliance on digital technology in school systems.
Since the education system nowadays struggles to become more technology-based, it is necessary for the workforce and students to adapt to increasing changes. As the field is emerging, there needs to be proper training for students to strengthen their IT skills from primary schooling by designing interdisciplinary research-based courses.

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Computer-Based technology has provided not only a virtual environment to teachers and students but also appeared to be a “student-centered education model.” So, to ensure that the learning objectives are met, it is teachers’ responsibility to provide with a method feasible for both the parties.
Albeit, in recent times, teachers have developed various ways of communicating and delivering the course to the students in a productive way for all the learners, but computer-based technologies play an essential role in enhancing that communication.
With technology becoming dominant in every field, researchers and educators from some years have considered some ideas to make the workplace a more productive spot for students. Here we would reflect upon several ways needed to be implemented into the curriculum to increase students’ engagement, capacity, and academic success.

Computer based technology
Computer based technology

Turning traditional classrooms into smart rooms

Although, we can never deny the value of teaching students on board, the digitalized system can enhance the learning system and make the learning more efficient, demanding less time. Implementing technologies has helped the learning process in the past decade, proving to be productive and compelling.
While opting for the technology installment, it is also necessary to consider the mindset of targeted students. The technology chosen should be understandable and should keep them captivated.
The accessibility and flexibility that the technologies provide results in benefiting learners and increasing their level of satisfaction. The interest of students is also developed due to the interactive nature of computer-based technology.

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Impact of Technology in Student Engagement

There are few technologies that influence student engagement and change the criteria of the learning process, i.e. (Web-conferencing, blogs, wikis, social networking sites). Earlier, students were not used to interacting online to take class courses, but if we talk about emergencies like COVID-19, students across the globe had started using the video-conferencing or podcasts.
Generally, student engagement is divided into three categories: behavioral, emotional, and cognitive engagement. Numerous studies have supported the idea that students’ motivation and engagement with computer-based technology influence their behaviors, emotions, and cognition.



Another important aspect of digital technology is Web-conferencing. It provides a virtual space to the instructors and learners, and simultaneously it provides a communication route about a given topic. While every web-conferencing software provides a separate virtual platform with a slight change in the user interface, each software primarily provides the same mechanism to encourage the learning process online to ease both learners and instructors. Nowadays, as every academic institute is shifted to web-conferencing and online learning, the technology has proved to be the only way forward in academic progress. Technology has also been shown to be beneficial in managing student trafficking and student engagement. In Web-conferencing, students can hear the course content provided by the instructor and act independently upon it; some of the leading Web-conferencing software are (Microsoft Teams, Zoom), etc. The cognitive feature in the Web-conferencing has been helpful for the students having low student engagement during face to face interaction.


Blogs are trending; from websites to social media, there have been hypes of blogs and blog lovers. Be it about technology, art, or even food. Blog, short for Weblog, is a presentation of text, hyperlinks, audio, graphics, or a video published online for general or a specific audience to read. The type of blog can be personal or educational. From around the world, Learning Management Systems (LMS) provide you with a Weblog feature allowing educators to write and publish about ideas, expressions, and personal experiences. This feature has attracted student engagement by providing them to share their personal thoughts and feedback on the process of active learning. Moreover, it is difficult to judge the consistency of the student engagement on the blog content because there is some evidence that shows that blog content induces higher-order thinking in students, yet on the contrary, the opposite has also been witnessed.

A wiki is a kind of webpage that allows a single or a group of people to generate or edit (text, audio, video, graphics) to publish for the larger audience. Wiki has been used educationally and has proved itself successful in engaging students with its high-quality content. Throughout the years, Wiki has been used to convey a high level of knowledge to its readers (i.e., evaluation of arguments, the latest understandings of topics, etc.). Wiki’s always been a viable source in providing knowledge to students regarding any concerning topic, which results in a higher rate of student engagement on Wiki technology.

Social Networking Sites or Groups

The Internet has provided countless possibilities for students and instructors to choose any platform to work on, from the past decade until now, social networking sites and groups have widely been used for educational purposes. Social networking sites initially were not expected to provide educational means, but with the change of time, educational features came into existence, which made concerning activities more accessible and flexible on social networking sites. Student engagement criteria on social networking sites cannot be appropriately calculated because of the nature of the platform, but it is accepted to be considered as a technology supporting the education system.

Nevertheless, some brilliant minds in the field of technology have promoted the idea of technology revolutionizing many aspects of life, specifically enhancing the academic one. With the ongoing crisis, Web-conferencing technology has been proven to be the most effective. Still, it is difficult to grab the concept of technology overshadowing the traditional methods of learning. However, with the current progress, the ratio of student engagement has risen quite high with respect to Computer-Based technologies. Overall, the outcomes suggest that this learning process of computer technology is considered satisfactory for promoting the engagement of students with their academics.

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