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How To Rank Your Website Using Ahref, Moz And Google Ads
How To Rank Your Website Using Ahref, Moz And Google Ads

How To Rank Your Website Using Ahref, Moz And Google Ads

How to rank your website using Ahref, Moz, and Google ads

To be on top of Google, ranking is prestige for any website. This is because it is the most viewed and top-rated site. If you have your website and want to know its ranking, then you can use the ranking tools. That will definitely help you to know where your website lies on search engines. Therefore, you can bring amendments to your e-business to improve your value among the users. The main tracking tools that can help you to find your status on Google search engine are Ahref, Moz, and Google ads.
First you should know what factors may affect your ranking on search engine? If your website uses the proper SEO tactics then it will be definitely getting high ranking. Components like
1. High quality backlinks
2. Proper keyword usage
3. Authentic content
Use of best meta description and many others. If you follow SEO rules the you will get the top rankings on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and many others. So, keep your website updated with latest SEO tools and get the expected results.
If you are thinking that how to check the ranking of your website through these three platforms, Check the step by step procedure as well as feature of each site to know why and how to rank your website,

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Ahref’s rank checking tool
You can check your rankings on Ahref’s time to time. It helps to check your ranking on the desktop as well as on mobile over about 170 countries. To use the Ahref for tracking of your status in multiple countries you have to follow the steps below
Open the Ahref’s rank tracker page on the official website
Sign in and get a seven-day trial
Open the rank tracking tool
Now add the keyword or import list of keywords
Add the name of the country
Now add the URL of competitors site
After doing so, it starts tracking your site regularly and keeping you updated by sending the tracked results’ emails.

How To Rank Your Website Using Ahref, Moz And Google Ads

What’s inside tracking result
Once Ahref start monitoring the purges of your website it will send you reports related to the following components
To provide a history of site visibility, how much organic traffic clicks the link of your we bite and visited the page
It reports about the average position of the website
It divides your ranking according to the group. Position 1 to 3, 4 to 10, 11 to 50, and 51 to100.
Moreover, you get the data of the following features
Knowledge panels
People may ask for
Image pack
Site links
AdWords top
Shopping result
knowledge card
It is an ideal platform to keep a check on the status of your website.

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Moz website tracker
You can rank your website through the MOZ as well. You can use the tracker to check the visibility of the active traffic and other features. Just like Ahref’s method the MOZ use the similar procedure have a look at it
Open the MOZ rank tracker page
Sign in to get 30 days trial
Now enter the keyword, country name and the URL of the competitor’s site
Click done to get visibility, keyword metrics, and other features.

After finishing the procedure, it will immediately provide you the reports. The best thing about the MOZ is that you not only get ranking of Google but is also work for other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and many more. So, choose the platform and click ok to get the reports. You also get the long term MOZ tracking if you enter the most important keyword on the tracker. Get the complete view of your performance and stay updated.
By getting track reports, you will definitely get the chance to improve. Apply the proper SEO strategy to get the number r 1 ranking on search engines.

Rank tracking through Google Ads
Google Ads has become one of the important platforms to check the ranking of your website. It is super easy to use tool that can help you a lot. No matter what your keyword is and what competitor URL you are providing. It will help you a lot in tracking your ranking on the Google search engine.
To check ranking for google, you can add the extension on the browser. For example, if you are using Chrome, you can add an extension there to check the ranking of your website. It works in the same way as other rank trackers work.
Add the keywords or list of keywords you want to track
Enter the URL against which you want reports
Enter the name of the country you want to check.
Click on the tracker and done to check out their results on Google ads tracker.
Google ad tracker also provides ranking through the number of ads your page has. More the ads higher ranking will be.
So, if you are thinking about how to rank your website using Ahref’s. MOZ and Google ads, the solution is described above. Now, if you get the low ranking, then what procedure you should apply. It is important to check the weakness of your website. Check either your web developer following the SEO rules or not.
In case if your website lack SEO tools and factor than review it and start working again. You will see the magical difference in your ranking. Stay connected with the tracker you are using to get the results from time to time.

Point to ponder
Although these rank tracking tools are reliable and provide you with accurate results, you should not leave working on your website. There is a need for regular updates on the site. Try to use the latest SEO tools time to time so that your tracker monitor and provide progress accordingly. Otherwise, maybe you have a good ranking today, and when you do not update your tools, your ranking may be higher than expected. So never stop and keep on working to maintain your ranking on the search engine.

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