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Top 5 Computer Companies And Their Products
Top 5 Computer Companies And Their Products

Top 5 Computer Companies And Their Products

Top 5 computer companies and their products

Technology has come pretty far in past few decades. If we take a look at where we were around 30 years ago and where we are now, the difference is pretty huge. What we can do now in the matter of moments was probably not possible to get done in days in the past. But how it all has become possible? Well, certainly the advent of technology has a crucial role in it. With the computer revolution, things changed at a rapid pace. So, here we will take a look at top 5 computer companies and their products.

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Apple Inc.
Apple is a name that needs no introduction in the field of technology. Almost every one of us is aware of at least one person who uses an Apple device. The company is based in California and has been around since 1976. The founding members include Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Gerald Wayne, and the company deals with an array of hardware and software products.
The brand is built around Apple devices that include personal computers, media players, tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches. They have a complete world of their own as they even manufacture their software under their brand label, namely iOS. The products are available to you at retail stores and wholesale stores worldwide.

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IBM is amongst the oldest names in tech industry. The company came into the market back in 1911 and initially they were making punch card tabulating machines. However, they did the necessary work in the field of invention and came up with the first personal computer back in 1981 known as the IBM PC. But soon, the company was stuck with financial problems in 1980s because of its failure to meet the demands of ever changing tech industry.
Despite financial problems, IBM kept on working and today it is amongst the leaders in providing business and networking solutions. Now, IBM stands as amongst the biggest forces in the hardware industry and has products pertaining to the categories that include technologies i.e. artificial intelligence, IT infrastructure and management, business products, and other software and hardware.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
Samsung Electronics is seen as one of the biggest rivals of Apple. It is based in South Korea and primarily focuses on the manufacturing of mobile technologies. The lines include flagship android Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note series. Moreover, they also introduced the sophisticated android tablets under the Galaxy Tab lineup.
Being one of the leading technology manufacturers in the market, the company also deals with the HDTV and home theatre equipment. Mainly, their tablets and smartphones operate on android OS and most of the hardware is manufactured by the company itself. As per December 2019, the company bagged sales of $229.8 billion.

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Every computer user has come across the name of Microsoft. It is an American tech giant from Washington that develops and sells computer software, electronics, and PCs. The biggest product of the company, we all know, is the Microsoft Windows, that is the primary operating system for most of the PCs and desktops we have around the globe. Moreover, they also make other software such as outlook, office 365, and similar other solutions that dominate the industry.
Nowadays, the laptops from the company have a good buzz around them. Moreover, the owner, Bill Gates, is always looking up to the future and strive to develop technologies to make processes better, solving real world problems and making tech industry better.

HP Inc.
Hewlett Packard, known commonly as HP, stands among the top companies in the world of computers. The company split back in 2015 and is now known as HP Inc. with its headquarters in California. Major products from HP include computers and printers that are commonly used in business and office settings.
Previously, the company was dealing with servers and hardware sale as well. However, because of its decline in PC market, the owners decided to split HP into two smaller companies, Hewlett-Packard Company and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Now, the former deals with personal computers whereas the latter focuses on selling hardware and servers to businesses.
Other giants
Apart from the top 5 computer companies and their products listed above, there are some other worthy names as well in tech industry that deserve your time and attention.
Lenovo is a computer manufacturer with its headquarters in China and North Carolina. They work on the development of personal computers and have solid grasp on the design and development processes. Moreover, they also manufacture tablets and smartphones along with workstations, servers, and some IT management software. They have a huge share in computer market and their ThinkPad laptop lineup as well as ThinkCentre desktop lineup is amongst the best sellers.
Another computer manufacturer known to many is Dell, based in Texas. It focuses on the development and repair of computer and relevant products. Their list of items include servers, laptops, PCs, and other computer related hardware. Also, what many people don’t know is they provide complete technology solutions along with servers and tech services.
Last but not least, we have Acer that stands amongst the top computer brands. The company deals with PDAs, displays, and laptops as well as smartphones and desktops. With more than 10 percent of the market share, we can say that the company has certainly come up with top notch products.
While talking about computer companies and tech giants, not mentioning Google won’t be a wise ask. We all know the search engine giant and it has many web based applications and products to its name. Apart from search engine, the company also has web mail, G Suite that provides a variety of application, cloud storage under the name of Google Drive, and much more.

Final words
So, these are top 5 computer companies and their products along with some of the tech giants that lead the industry. All of them come with their own pros and cons, manufacturing products at varying price range and taking care of your needs at their best.

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