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How To Start Up A Website For Your Business
How To Start Up A Website For Your Business

How To Start Up A Website For Your Business

How To Start Up A Website For Your Business

Millions of websites are in Google with their Different domain names. Creating a website is not hard nowadays with the help of some websites like Blogger, WordPress, wix, Shopify, wocommerce, and so on had made it possible and so easier for people to create their own site and publish their articles immediately.

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For computer students, who were taught on developing and coding websites on their own thereby taking a lots of energy and time.
Some companies provide online training for developing and designing a website.

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How To Create A Website
Before, you create a website, whether free or paid websites, you must do some certain setup shown before.
1. Purchase a top level domain of your choice in any domain company like GoDaddy, Namecheap, domainking, Whogohost, etc.
2. If you want free website, go for or create a simple WordPress site.
3. If you can code a website by yourself
4. You can also use, to start blogging.

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Here you are the boss of your website.
5. With , you have to buy a host from a web hosting companies.
There are thousands of web hosting companies but we recommend Namecheap, Abollyhost, Whogohost, GoDaddy, domainking, bluehost.
There are trusted and reliable.
6. After purchasing web hosting, install WordPress inside the hosting and get started.

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7. Choose a good theme and design for, recommend or soratemplates.
For WordPress, we recommend newspaper, Divi, jannah, and Sahifa.
8. Write a unique articles
9. Create a nice pages
10. You can monetize your website mother to make money
This is all you need to do to outrank millions of websites in Google.

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