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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Before using any of our services (, you must first of all go through our privacy policy and most especially terms and conditions.

This will help you to know how we works , and what we tolerate in our website to avoid breaking our rules and regulations guiding this

We appreciate everyone using this site and we recognize your presence, effort and time you donate so that this website is moving forward.

But we also want to let you know that below are what you must keep and over before making use of our website:

Agreement And Conditions

1. No irrelevant posting and commenting

2. No duplicate posts or comments in this website

3. Spamming of this site in any form is prohibited

4. No posting of adult contents as warning by Google

5. No use of offensive words in the website

6. No business transaction in this site except you are authorized to do so by Techprosper

7. Do not copy any post or content in this site without permission